Sweet Enough Already?…

Everybody loves a bit of the sweet stuff, but it’s becoming clear that lots of us are eating way too much sugar and this is not good for your body.

When you have a big piece of cake or a chocolate bar it’s easy to know that you’re having a food with lots of sugar in, but often foods and drinks are full of sugar and we don’t even realise.

So, lets start with how much sugar we should be eating – can you guess how many cubes a day??

  • 4-6 years: 5 cubes         Sugar cubes
  • 7-10 years: 6 cubes
  • 11 years+: 7 cubes


Remember, these are NOT goals-you shouldn’t be trying to eat this much sugar every day-this is the MOST you should have, but it’s much better to eat less!!


On average kids are getting 3 times as much sugar as they should be.

Where is all this sugar in my food??

These are the main ways children are eating sugar:

      • Fizzy Drinks- Some of these have about 10 sugar cubes in one drink!!
      • Cakes/Biscuits
      • Flavoured Yoghurts
      • Breakfast Cereals
      • Fruit Juice
      • Sweets/Chocolates
      • Honey/Syrups
  • Why can’t I eat lots of sugar??

Eating lots of sugar means fat can build up and be stored in your body.  This isn’t good news for your body as it can damage your organs, may make you more likely to get some illnesses and too much sugar will also rot your teeth.

    • I’m Confused What is ‘Added/Free Sugars’??
  • This means any sugar that has been added to the food or drink you have.  This can be by you, your parents, food factories, chefs in restaurants-its all the same.  It is any sugar that isn’t found naturally in the food, and includes honey, syrups and fruit juices.

What’s the difference between natural sugar and added sugar- Isn’t sugar just sugar???

    • Added sugar is not giving your body any goodness.  Your body does not need it to survive.  Your body digests it quickly and you get lots of sugar in blood, this sugar is used up by your body very fast, making you want to eat more food.  If you eat lots of sugary foods, some will be stored as fat, which will build up the more you eat like this.Also, too much of this type of sugar rots your teeth, meaning you might get little holes in your teeth or even worse-have to have teeth taken out forever!!

      Natural sugar is in foods like fruit and vegetables, milk and natural yoghurt.  These foods have lots of nutritious goodies in them like vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein, which are all really important to keep you strong and healthy and to keep you growing!!

      The sugar is stored in a different way inside the food.  Your body gets the energy it needs, but much more slowly as the sugar goes into your blood more gradually and you are getting all the other goodness from the food at the same time.  This means you won’t feel like you need to eat really quickly afterward, and you can hopefully get through to your next meal happy and full of energy!

      Remember Smoothies are high in sugar, so make sure not to have more than 150ml serving a day and have this at mealtimes to protect your teeth!


      Hi Scoffee, we are talking about sugar-What have you come to tell us?

      Today I wanted to tell you some good ideas for low sugar snack swaps!


      Instesugary cereals picturead of a sugary cereal every day (some of these can have up to 3 sugar cubes per portion!!), sometimes you could try a bowl of yummy porridge!

Instead of flavoured yoghurt try natural yoghurfruit flavoured yoghurt picturenatural yoghurt with strawberries picturet with fruit-MMmm!

Try my very own recipe for a change from sugary biscuits – These delicious apple ‘cookies’ are much more fun and healthy too!   IMG_0509

I couldn’t leave without telling a quick joke!!

Why did the kid put sugar under his pillow???…So he would have sweet dreams!!  laughing emoji picture

WOW-Thanks Scoffee- They are great ideas!!

  • A really good way to help you keep track of how much sugar you are eating is by using the ‘Be Food Smart-Change for Life’ App.  You can scan foods in and it shows you not only how many sugar cubes but also salt and fat.  It’s really fun and helps you to make healthy choices-check it out!

    So, there’s no need to be scared of sugar- nobody wants a world without cake and chocolate, but we just need to think about how much of these foods we are eating – Just like any food it needs to be balanced, whether its chocolate or broccoli you won’t feel too good if you eat too much!  Get in touch with any questions, and see if you can have a look at some of the sugary foods you eat a lot and try a #sugarswap 

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