An Apple a Day…



I hope you’ve all been enjoying your summer holidays!  We have been having lots of fun, even though the sun seems to have gone on holiday too!! 

A while a go we had a vote to choose the next blog topic and carrots won.  I was feeling sorry for apples loosing and since they are in season in Britain right now, so they are at their best, I have decided to give them a turn at having their own post!

There are 7,500 types of apple grown in the world, and 3000 of those are in the UK!  How many types have you tried?  It may take a while to try all 3000, but have a look around your local greengrocers right now and they will have apples you haven’t seen before. There’s a lot more to apples than royal gala, so get experimenting! (My favourite is discovery!)

Why not try buying a few different types of apple and doing a blind taste test, you could have a vote between your family!

🍎 What Makes Apples so Good??

There are so many reasons to eat apples, they can really help you to stay healthy!  

You should only wash apples, not peel them, as lots of the fibre and goodness is in the skin, or just below.  

Apples have antioxidants in them, one of them is Vitamin C.  These are great for reducing damage to the cells in your body, protecting you from lots of illnesses and keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy.  There is some evidence to say that apples can help with reducing the risk of asthma (an illness in your lungs where you breathe).

Apples can help keep your heart healthy, and have been shown to help with concentration and memory-so having one with breakfast or lunch, could help you score extra points with the teacher!

Apples are a great food for keeping you feeling full, and giving you energy over time as they release their energy slowly into the body, rather than letting it all out in one go, so a great way to get fuel and keep you running around for hours!

Hi Scoffee, nice to see you!  We are talking all about apples today.  Have you got any fun facts for us?

Yes, I LOOOVE apples!! 

Did you know:

  • 🍏 The average apple contains 10 seeds
  • 🍎 Apple trees can live for more than 100 years
  • 🍏Pomology is the science of apple growing
  • 🍎 Apples are part of the rose family

There’s always time for some LOL’s too! 😆 😁 😀

Why did the apple stop in the middle of the road?
Because he ran out of juice.

How do you make an apple turnover?
Push it down hill

I want to know what apples you like to eat, so have a go at my poll below! Remember there’s lots of tasty apples to try, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a new one!

Have you ever played apple bobbing at Halloween🎃 ?  The apples float on the water because they are made of around 25% air.  When you crunch into an apple, you pop the air pockets inside just like when you pop bubble wrap! 

Apples are delicious just as they are, and are a perfect portable food, but here’s a few ideas for different ways to enjoy them too!

IMG_0509Make apple ‘cookies’.  Chop the apples into round slices and spread with 100% peanut butter.  Then add the ‘sprinkles’ like a few chopped nuts, chopped dates, dark chocolate chips, etc.

Try my baked apple recipe for a yummy dessert!

You can eat apples in savoury food too.  Cook apple chunks alongside some pork chops with sage for a natural apple sauce.

Stewed apples are a great way to add natural sweetness into yoghurt or desserts

🧀 Apple and cheese make a great combo, have a go for a tasty lunch

Make apple crisps, by putting slices of apIMG_0513ple on a tray lined with baking paper in a low oven (130ºC).  Cook for about 40 minutes, turning half way through and then leave to cool until crisp.  These are nice with some cinnamon sprinkled on! MMmm, how ‘appeeling’!!

So what are you waiting for, get crunching on some juicy apples!


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