What’s up Doc?!

Hi Guys,

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Well I can reveal the results of the food of the month poll.
And the winner is (drum roll…..) CARROTS!! 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕

So today we are going to be hopping mad for them and talking all things carrot!

The final score was:
56%  🥕
44% 🍎
So it was quite a close one- thanks to everyone who voted!

What’s good about carrots?

There are lots of brilliant things about carrots.  Their secret weapon is called beta-carotene (any guesses why they are called carrots?!).  

Beta-carotene helps you to make one of the vitamins we talked about in the 5 a day blog.  It’s called vitamin A and it’s really important to the body for lots of reasons.  The main ones are:

  • It helps to stop you getting some illness’
  • It keeps your immune system strong 💪 (this is your protective armour to stop bugs getting in and making you ill 😷),
  • It keeps your skin healthy 
  • It keeps your eyes working well. 👁👁 

Has your mum ever said to you;

“Eat your carrots and you will be able to see in the dark!!”

Did you believe her?  Surely not another veggie that can give you super powers?!

Image result for superhero

Have a go at guessing the answer:

Wow, it’s true (of course, mums are always right!!). 

Although don’t go throwing away your night vision goggles just yet!

If you don’t get enough vitamin A then you can get something called night blindness, where your eyes don’t work as well in low light.  So, by getting more vitamin A by eating carrots you will see better in darker rooms,  but I’m afraid it will never let you see in total darkness.

Be careful though, you can get it wrong, like in this poem from shelsilverstein.com;image

Send in your carrot poems (or any veggie!) to Scoffee, he would love to read them!!

Top five carrot facts:

1.Carrots are 87% water.

2.On average each person will consume 10,866 carrots in their life!

3.The first carrots ever grown were white, red, purple and yellow-but not orange!


4.The longest carrot in the guinness world record book is 6.245metres.  That’s about as tall as a giraffe!Image result for tall as a giraffe


Image result for 2 cats

5.The heaviest carrot ever recorded weighed about 9.1KGs, that’s like eating a carrot the size of two cats!


Oh, who’s this coming to say hello?


Hi Everyone!!

What’s invisible and smells like carrots?
Bunny trumps!

What’s a vegetables favourite martial art?

Did You Know?…

If you eat too many carrots, it can make your skin turn orange-this would mean eating about 10 carrots a day for at least two weeks, so don’t try this at home!  Maybe someone should tell these guys…


(I thought the umpa lumpas were eating too much chocolate in that factory????)

It’s Science Corner:
Try this experiment at home:- 

How to Grow a Carrot Top.

you will need…

  • Carrot top (2-3 cm from stem with some root growth remaining on top. I find the mini carrots are the best for this)
  • Shallow dish
  • Cotton wool/kitchen paper
  • Water

Put the cotton wool in the dish and dampen it. 
Next, put the carrot top on top
Place the dish in a warm sunny spot
Keep the cotton wool/paper damp
Watch your carrot top grow! Let me know your results, look mine have started to grow already!

Good luck!!

Brilliant- thanks Scoffee, that was so much fun!

You could also try print painting with carrots, see what patterns you can design!

Breaking News!!Carrots make great cakes!  For anyone who hasn’t tried carrot cake, you really should, it’s one of the best cakes going! 

Image result for carrot cakeThis is not my own recipe, but it’s so tasty I haven’t tried to change it,  I’m just going to share it.  It’s by a famous cook called Delia Smith.

There is also a recipe on the same page for carrot muffins , these are much quicker, healthier and easier to make on a regular basis, rather than the full cake which is just for a real treat! Send in pictures of your baking to get in Scoffee’s Gallery!

Carrots can come in lots of shapes and colours, see if you can spot any in your local greengrocer or farm shop!



  • Carrots are yummy grated into salad, like this ‘5 a day’ salad in the picture!
  • You can also add grated carrot to to a sandwich for a crunch.  I like:
    -Cream cheese and carrot
    -Hummus or falafel and Carrot (These are good in wholemeal pitta bread)
    -Cheese and carrot
  • Try cutting them into different shapes to make them more interesting.  You can try sticks, circles or get a crinkle cutter knife for a really fun shape!
  • Try dipping them into hummus or other dips for a snack
  • You can eat them raw, boiled, stewed, or roasted (with different flavours!).
  • Grated carrot, orange and coriander salad makes a refreshing change to lettuce!
Image result for carrot love

Ahh, Just Love carrots!

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