My First Post


I’m super excited to be writing my first ever post on my new blog ‘Scoffalot’. I’m starting this blog to create an interactive space where we can talk all things food!
I hope you can learn about different foods and why we all need to eat healthily and what that means. We can do this through fun facts, food experiments, quizzes, games, sharing ideas and generally have fun together.

There are lots of food blogs helping grown ups to understand how to feed you well, which is great, but there aren’t many where you (the kids) get to have your say. I hope you get involved, give ideas-tell me what you want to see and talk about each week. I want you to see how much fun food can be.

For our first week, let’s get to know each other and have a look at what you like to eat.
Send comments and pictures below (or email!) of things you’ve enjoyed eating this week, or even better cooked yourself, and you could be this weeks ‘scoffer of the week’!

My favourite meal this week was pesto pasta– yum!!

We will have a regular feature of food of the month. Our first is…….

     🍌🍌🍌🍌  BANANAS!!!! 🍌🍌🍌🍌


Meet Scoffee. He’s head of the scoffers, here to help us learn about lots of different food facts, but he’s also a comedian! So this week he really wants to tell you a joke…


Why did the banana go to the doctor?…

Because he wasn’t peeling very well!

Ha ha!!! That gives you some idea of how hilarious Scoffee can be. Comment below with your banana jokes if you think you’re funnier!

🐒🙈🐵 Not just for monkeys… 🐵🙈🐒

Bananas are a great food to eat!

Bananas are actually radioactive, so I’m not making any promises but you never know, they may help you to develop your own superhero powers? This is all natural, so don’t panic it wont affect your body, unless you eat about 1 million a year (that’s 2,740 a day so I think we will be ok!).

Its to do with something called potassium, which bananas have lots of-this is what makes them really cool to eat.

Potassium helps you to grow-this is a good idea when you’re a kid, so you can annoy your mum that you have grown out of another pair of jeans!!!

Also, potassium keeps your heart, kidneys (where you make wee), muscles and lots more working well.

Apparently, bananas can make you smarter, as they keep you alert and help you to learn more-what a bonus! (A secret weapon to become a world champion brainiac!)

Bananas are also high in something called fibre, which helps to ‘keep you regular’ (AKA makes  you poo more easily!).

These are just a few of the reasons why bananas are so BRILLIANT!  

When  Bananas go bad… 

Those brown patches that you see on older bananas, are just sugar spots (not a deadly disease as some of you seem to believe).  So even if you don’t like eating them straight at that stage there’s still loads of great ways to use them like make cakes, pancakes, banana sandwiches, crisps, cook them on the BBQ or pop them in the freezer ready to make a quick ice cream whenever you have an ice-cream emergency!


Check  out our BBQ bananas with some cheeky melted dark chocolate inside! 🍌🍫

Me and my sons have had been turning our bananas into funny faces, send me yours below!

So ‘Go Bananas!!!!’

Time for a vote for the next food of the month……

Apple or carrot. Vote below.

<a href=””>Which food shall we learn more about next month?</a>

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